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French Strawberry Tarte

Going to a friend's birthday today I made a traditional French Strawberry Tarte with the basic recipe of Julia Child. I have never made Pate Sablee (Sweet short crust), as I have not really "been into baking" until recently - so this was quite a bit of a challenge. I first used someone else's recipe.. total failure but my dogs loved it !!! Then I tackled Julia's with all her wonderful explanation and voila ! no problem! Now in France a fruit tartelette is always made this basic way with a pate sablee, creme patissier and then fresh fruit on top glazed with a liquidized jam to give it this wonderful gloss that makes it look so appetizing.

I only had a small amount of cranberry jam and had to add some loganberry jam as well to retain the red colouring and know I should have strained it before painting onto the strawberries.. but alas it was too late. So here's my first homemade strawberry tarte:


A 10-inch fully baked pastry shell (see "Sugar Cru…

Raw Hummus

What a week it has been..   rather bizarre..  but a good thing has come of it and that is that I am finally in the very very near future moving back  to my home to Hout Bay. So exited that I could platz !
So here for a healthy weekend snack the recipe of Raw Hummus I have been given by a friend . Just made it for a friend's birthday party tomorrow and it tastes amazing..  Very fresh and definitely more healthy than the one made with cooked chickpeas. I am going to try different version as well next week maybe with added cucumber.. we'll see and I shall let you know how it works !


• 1 cup dry chickpeas
• 2 tablespoons grounded sesame seeds (tahini)
• 1½ teaspoon salt / pepper
• 1 lemons, juiced
• ½ cup olive oil
• 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed or to taste
• ¾ cup water
• 2½ tsp (or to taste) paprika
• ½ cup fresh basil
• ½ cup parsley
• Chives to taste


1. Soak the chickpeas in water overnight. In the morning drain the
water and leave the chickpeas to stand in the b…