Pizza at Home

December 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
A couple of months ago my son was asked by an old friend of mine to do a promotional dvd for his new Earthfire pizza oven that is now also available at Yuppie Chef . They decided that my home is the right place to film it and many hours and many pizzas later I was hooked and bought this amazing contraption and have never bought a pizza again from anywhere else!… It is so easy and quick and I think the best and cheapest fun way to entertain during this time of the darn recession !!!

So today is another one of those days that boys have invited their mates to come and “do” pizzas. I agreed to make the tomato base with those lovely fresh herbs from my garden and also supplied the pizza topping for the Dessert Pizza :

Ingredients for Dessert Pizza:
Sliced banana ; pieces of Camambert, chopped walnuts, dabs of sweet chilli sauce, NOMU chocolate sprinkles :) :) totally awesome !

To see just how easy it is to make your own crispy fresh pizza check out this short video :
In one of my earlier blogs I also gave the recipe for Flame Tarts which is one of the typical Pub Foods one gets in the Alsace where I originally hail from. I have tried to make them in the new pizza oven and they work perfectly well.


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